wig rant. synthetic fiber wigs.

TrendsetterHere are a couple of tips for extending the life of a good synthetic wig.

1. Wash them.
The cleaner you keep them the longer the style lasts.Period.If you wear a fuller look , after shampooing and letting them rest on a towel for a few minutes to drain hang them upside down to dry using a skirt hanger. If you prefer a sleeker look drape the wig over the sink faucet to dry.Best to gently shake them and spray
a conditioner on before hanging to dry.Gentle combing to remove tangles helps preserve the set.

2.Keep a Ziplock bag handy.So many times people come in to the salon with a wig wadded up in their purse like it was an old kleenex.Put the wig in the bag and offer it a little protection from the rest of whatever else is in your purse . Synthetic hair , especially the finer Kanekalon fibers do not like to be abraded.If you are traveling with a wig, blow a little air in the bag to slightly inflate it like a pillow.

3.Gently comb out tangles daily on short styles and a couple times a day on longer ones.Pay extra attenion to the nape. Synthetic fibers can get matted over time, especially at the nape.Ocaissional trips to the salon for a professional smoothing service is well worth the time and money.

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