Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are not all created equal. The quality of the hair, the cap construction and materials all combine to make a wig you can live with. If you are looking at human hair wigs the selection process can be daunting.You can try the internet but then you are on your own. The internet companies do take returns but then how do you know who was wearing the wig before you? You really want to team up with a professional stylist who understands wigs. It’s a totally different skill set.

If you aren’t willing to get fine quality or REMY Human Hair you should consider a high quality synthetic wig. Entry level human hair can look heavy and doll like. Sometimes the cuticle layer is reversed and the hair tangles easily on the longer styles. Take into consideration your ethnicity. If you have a Nordic background a wig made from heavy Chinese hair is not going to be believable. A good quality human hair wig can easily cost $600 dollars or more. Longer hair also¬† drives the price up as well as construction.

Look for construction features like a lace front, all over hand tied construction and or a mono top. All these features contribute to a more believable and lightweight wig. The interior of the wig cap should be soft to the touch. This is especially important if you have major or complete hair loss.If it isn’t comfortable you wont want to wear it. Your wig stylist should be able to further adjust and customize the cap so it feels secure yet not binding.

Generally speaking most human hair wigs can be custom colored. It is far safer to choose a color slightly lighter and have your stylist shade the roots a bit. You don’t want to further stress the hair with a lightening procedure [unless the hair is virgin]. Human hair wigs and extensions fade in the sun.There is no way around it. Repeated coloring will compromise the wig’s integrity. Choose carefully. Coloring services done to the wig will fade quickly when exposed to sunlight. You may want to have a backup wig made of synthetic fiber if you are planning a vacation in the sun.raquel-couture-hollywood-devine-v1-sides-back-4566-remy-human-hair-wig

There are many choices out there and I still feel that Raquel Welch, Raquel Couture and any HAIRUWEAR product is the best value for your dollar. You will feel and see the difference once you try them on. They are easy to customize, the caps are soft and the hair will spoil you for anything else.

Call me for a private appointment. But remember… once you try the unparalleled luxury of these pieces there is no going back.