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Gabor Spring Collection has arrived

gaborThe New Hairuwear Gabor Collection for 2016 has arrived!Longer wigs with texture and curl,great new colors and construction.Shown by appointment.

Yes, I know there are cheaper places to get human hair wigs…….


There have been quite a few people stopping in because they bought a wig on line and the color is wrong, it doesn’t fit properly and it looks way to thick and not anything like the picture.The crazier thing is they keep doing this over and over and still aren’t satisfied with any of them.I really don’t understand why some people are willing to spend a lot more money than they would than  had they come to a professional in the first place.Why get your wig or hair addition from me?You can try it on before you make your purchase.You can feel the difference  between  the cheap crap [ let’s call it as it is] that is out there and the exceptional quality of the pieces I carry.You can see how much more natural you’ll look in  my selections and most importantly people wont talk behind your back.I did a lot of research before I choose the lines I carry.Raquel Welch Wigs, Gabor International and The Hair Shop brands are the best out there.While some sites claim to be selling those  products it is not always the case.One lady came in with a wig that claimed to be  a human hair Raquel Welch wig but there was no way it was from Raquel Wrlch and the hair wasn’t human.. The price should have been the tip off but some people will believe anything on the internet.Let the buyer beware.All is not lost…it will make a dandy cat toy.

Here is an example….The “before shot” is of a $230 top piece that I carry.It is made of the softest human hair tied to a fine lace….The problem? The blonde highlights are not softly “rooted” and when it is worn right out of the box it looks as though there are thin spots and screams “fake”.



So let’s say you were able to purchase a similar piece online yourself and noticed that problem of the roots of the highlights give you a “spot balding look”….Now what do you do?Well you are going to have to have the roots shaded.And how deep should those roots be shaded  to compliment your eye color and skin tone????……….Yes, you could call your friend who almost finished beauty school and she can try to do it and most likely ruin it because coloring a human hair wig is a whole different ball game.Now you have  something else you can’t wear and you just flushed more money down the toilet….

OR…….You could make and appointment with me [please], private if you prefer, we can discuss your options, do a special order or coloring technique if needed and discuss maintenance care and styling.You’ll look better and save money in the long run.Seems like a no brainer.

Human Hair Wigs From Raquel Welch….

BravoJust got back from a fact finding mission in Beverly Hills to see what human hair wig options there are out there.Hands down it’s The Raquel Welch Wig line from HAIRUWEAR.I’m not surprised at all.They make the best synthetics around so it stands to reason.You just have to try one on and feel it for yourself.The caps are the softest I’ve found, like expensive lingerie.The hair itself is silky like European or Argentine.So many other manufacturers use a very coarse thick asian hair that after one washing exposes it’s inferior quality.Call for an appointment today.I have a few of these in stock so we may need to do a special order to make sure you get the perfect style and the perfect fit.Salon maintenance programs are available.

The Raquel Welch 2013 Signature Hair Collection Arrives Soon!

The new styles are out! These are easy wearable pieces, fresh style and superior quality. Call and make an appointment for a private showing!trendsetter

Wig and toupee repairs now available at LUXE SALON!

Nothing lasts forever but It is now possible to get more mileage out of your hairgoods.The wig to the left was worn out mainly due to wearing too tight a hat with it.. Most of the hair was rubbed off by friction with the hat band. The repair was done using virgin Italian hair and a heat friendly grey synthetic.Both the lave areas and the silicone base areas were ventilated by hand for a seamless repair.

Racquel Welch’s Expanding Wig Gig

Raquel-Welch-Expanding-Wig-GigTalk about a body of work.

In addition to her celebrated curves, screen star Raquel Welch is known for having many good hair days. What her fans may not know is that the lifelong wig wearer has had some help along the way.

“Natural looking, state-of-the-art wigs make the fast lane so much easier and more glam,” said Welch, who serves as the face and as a consultant on her namesake hairpiece collection, distributed by Kansas-based hairpiece parent company, HairUWear Inc.

The Raquel Welch Wig Collection — which was introduced in 1998 — is growing apace. It is expected to generate $50 million in retail sales in 2012, according to industry sources.

Download and read complete article!



Keep the little darlings from trashing their hair and expecting you to foot the hair repair bill when they change their minds [ again and again].

$10 dollars a piece [16 inches long by 1 inch wide].Your little darling can sit in the bathroom for hours curling and straightening these pieces and YOU can have a little peace and quiet[or an eggnog].Arriving to LUXE SALON Mount Vernon on Wednesday the 22nd.

The salon will be open on BLACK FRIDAY this year. Drop in and grab a few….

Award Winner!

GUESS WHO is the Winner of the Fall 2011 Raquel Welch Wig Collection Giveaway?

And, at the suggestion of a client, Donald will bring the winning wig with him next time he teaches the “Look Good Feel Better” class for the American Cancer Society at Skagit Valley Hospital and donate it to the wig bank for a woman who can’t afford a great wig while she battles cancer!